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Southwind RVs

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Southwind RVs

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Southwind RVs

Southwind RVs and Motorhomes offer a variety of features, style, comfort and livibility. Why buy a Southwind RV? It's simple. Contemporary Styling brings out the best with spacious interior, comfortable, and feels like home. Southwinds Full-Body Paint projects a high-quality image with dazzling, full-body paint, and striking exterior graphics.

Fleetwood build Southwind around the idea of the Entertainment Centers that offer big, flat screen TVs in both the living room and the bedroom, your entertainment options are as wide open as the road. Comfort and Convenience is a major factor when buying a motorhome or RV. Camping in Southwind doesn't mean roughing it. You'll enjoy comfortable furniture, brand name appliances and high-end components.

Southwind RV Information

Overall, the Power Platform Plus Construction should convince you that the platform is not only super-strong, it provides an amazing amount of storage including pass-through storage.

Southwind Motorhomes by Fleetwood all belong under the Gas Motorhome category. You may also recognize some other names made by Fleetwood, such as, Pace Arrow and Fiesta LX

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Southwind RV Dealers

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Southwind RV Dealers

Berryland Campers
42775 Pleasant Ridge Rd Ext.
Ponchatoula, LA 70454
Ph: 1(877)370-7001

Berryland Campers Outlet
27030 James Chapel Road
Holden, LA 70744

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